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"Shadow People"

“The Phenomenon Explained By Mental, Emotional, And Scientific Principles”

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05/05/2011 A Step Into The Light Listen to Peter L. Martinez Radio Interview.

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07/21/2011 Are you in touch with your spiritual side? Listen to Peter L. Martinez Interview.

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  Listen to Peter L. Martinez

Messengers of the Light

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"Bev Smith Show"


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"Nena" America, Why Not Me?

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Heal Your Body

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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"Books that reveal the mysteries of life, the unexplained, and the other side."

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Peter L. Martinez

This information was released and transcribed into book form by the Messengers of the Light. It is very interesting, in that, it opens up the reader to a new way of thinking that allows one to see things from another perspective. Although, it is a small book of approximately 40 pages, it gives powerful insight into "relationships." It speaks about relationships between man and woman, including "soul mates." It also speaks about "business relationships" and "family relationships." In brief statements and comments, it communicates in a manner that makes a whole lot of sense. But ultimately, it brings the reader to the Heart Center where all relationships should originate. This is a book that you will read over, and over again, as it will bring you back to the ultimate reality of how things should work whenever we deviate from our point of focus, especially in "relationships."



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(This booklet will help you or someone you know who needs help.)

Peter L. Martinez

Dependency on outside stimuli is rampant in today's society, especially with Drugs & Alcohol. Medical Science does not have a cure or completely understand the makeup of addiction. The Messengers of the Light give a clear and precise outline of how it comes about, especially as to the individuals that try to help an addicted person, who in most cases, perpetuate the addiction, unknowingly. This text has some amazing surprises both for the "victim and the perpetrator."

It all comes down to the "use or misuse" of energy.  The Messengers state that, "You could put a dependent person with six months supply of alcohol & drugs on a remote island, after a few days, they would stop indulging, as there is no one to feed off of.  The alcohol & drugs are just part of tools to dull the senses, but they need someone, as the victim or martyr to feed off their life force or energy."

If you have friends or loved ones, this text may be able to help those that are afflicted with dependency, not only on drugs & alcohol, but with those we may believe we love, and also, food, pornography, sex, and including all other outside stimuli. The contents will literally surprise you as to how the entire scenario unfolds, and how it entraps those who try to help. It is highly recommended that this "free" text be downloaded, as someday, you or someone close to you will need this information.   


"A Step Into The Light"

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"A Step Into The Light"

(The Awakening Guide For The Children Of The Light)

Peter L. Martinez

Being a "sensitive" from childhood, then  awakening to the fact that most individuals do not have the same sensitivity that was natural to the author, life has been a series of awakenings. A profound Spiritual Experience in 1987, followed by an injury in 1994, enhanced sensitivity throughout his body that doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists could not alleviate. After the injury, his sleep patterns were interrupted and completely changed, and along with this, ancient symbols, cities, especially pyramids and ancient sites were envisioned both in his sleep state and awake state. This was very disturbing, and for some time, thinking that he was mentally ill, he could not hold on to reality between this "dream and awake state," until some of the things that he was writing down and taking notes of started to make sense. although his physiology was not improving.

He could feel and sense that there was a book in a "golden grid" inside his brain. Writing things down alleviated the pressure in his head; transferring to paper, and eventually into book form, this was a profound experience. He also became aware of a group of guides who signed themselves off as the Messengers of the Light who helped, instructed, and sometimes guided and participated in the formulation of the book. A Spiritual Experience in 1987 was a catalyst to what was occurring, and years later, the entire puzzle fell in place.

According to "A Step Into The Light" the planet is going through a climatic change at the end of the Grand Cycle. We are experiencing an expansion of Light. It is not the end of the world, but for some it can be. They also state that the planet earth is a school of our own making and that because we are at the end of this Grand Cycle, it is similar to a graduation that will take those "enlightened ones" into the Fourth Density. They further explain that there are Three Major Belief Systems on the planet, which are the Atheist, the Spiritual, and the Scientific. Humanity must unite as a Divine Trinity. Separated, these three belief systems will bring about chaos to humanity. That the Atheist is valid and resonates to the Mental Body, that the Spiritual is valid and resonates to the Emotional Body, and the Scientific is valid and resonates to the Physical Body. To be in a balanced state and to function above "undeveloped animal-type man" we must have a healthy Mental Body, Emotional Body, and a Physical Body, as a trinity, free of Anger, Hate, Guilt & Fear.

We have remnants of ancient civilizations with the ability to create and manifest structures and anomalies that Science cannot give an answer as to how they accomplished these extraordinary feats. Archeologists are finding remnants of Ancient Sites that came to an abrupt end, all with cataclysmic events at their end of a Grand Cycle, which is similar to the one we are nearing. According to the Messengers, at their peak, they utilized the information contained in this book regarding the Three Major Laws that governs humanity when a certain level of enlightenment has been reached in this school called Earth. (The information in this book was a great tool in understanding the information given by the Ancient One in the ancient sky city of Machu Picchu, Peru.) 

Information contained in this book would have been useless prior to these accelerated times that we live in, in  the same manner that knowledge of the atom 2000 years ago would have been useless to humanity. All the Masters and Spiritual Avatars of humanity speak about what is contained in this book, which also includes the Mental & Scientific of those of the Atheist and Scientist, but at a "higher level of consciousness," the Atheist, the Spiritual, and the Scientific has to "unite," as we are all One.

Most importantly, they speak about the Children of the Light who have embodied to help humanity in these trying times bringing in the Light of Love, Peace & Harmony of the Divine Christ Principle. That approximately 60 million will embody, but only about 5 to 10 million will awaken to their true destiny, which is to awaken mankind to the Greater Light. The Master stated, "I Am The Light, I Am The Way," and he also stated, "All Things I do, You Can Also Do, And Do It Better," which is a profound statement in layman's terms. That all the miracles by the Master Jesus will be awakened within Mental, Emotional, and Physical Laws, which are the frequencies of the evolved Atheist, Spiritual, and Scientific individual who will radiate Love, Peace, & Harmony from the Divine Source of Light of the Creator.

The Children of the Light are here!

Paperback book: 227 pages

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To learn more about The Children of the Light, visit www.messengersofthelight.com/


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“Machu Picchu” The Mystery Revealed By The Ancient One

Peter L. Martinez

On May 18, 2000 the author was invited to participate in an adventure to the ancient site of Machu Picchu, Peru, high in the Andean mountain peaks. What was first perceived to be a personal investigative trip by Natasha, a psychic, immediately takes on a mysterious clandestine quality. A series of events and coincidences soon went beyond their expectations in this true-life adventure.

As the adventure ensued, an Ancient Spirit Guide appeared and guided the two throughout the complex of Machu Picchu, and later, the Ancient Site of Pisac. This "Ancient One" gives revelation and great detailed information about the abandoned City and its purpose. Also about other "Grand Cycles" and lost civilizations, the status of mankind, along with the present earth changes with the expansion light.  With no prior knowledge, much of the information contained in "A Step Into The Light" became self-evident on this adventure!

The text and photos give credence to what was revealed, along with the layout of stones, configuration of certain structures, and many other areas that have remained a mystery, and much, much, more. This book is a great tool for archeologists who can verify the findings with the evidence contained in this book. For those who have visited, or plan to visit Machu Picchu, you will be amazed as to all that is contained within the text with over 48 color, and black & white photos. You will be able to see first hand how the information leaves one with a knowing that these Ancient Ones were in touch with a “higher power” in a realm of “higher light physics” and beyond,  all within scientific terms of the future. 


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