There are three types of Depression:


1.  1. When you lose someone, or something very important in your life, grief associated with depression can last weeks, on up to three years. But eventually goes away.


2.  2. Medical depression is when medications are started and the body & mind react to the chemicals because this is synthetic dead medicine. This is one subtle way the body reacts to foreign substances in the body, in a very slow manner. This soon goes away. (Immediately, consult with your doctor if it doesn’t) 


3.  3. The third and most common, is the failure to eat at regular intervals with nutritious live foods. This is the most common problem with older people. The body is in a decline, plus the large intestine (30 feet long) may be infested with “candida albicans.” Along with this, the blood sugar is not stable. When the blood sugar goes down, and if they don't eat immediately, numbness goes to the head and they don't feel hungry. This results with a mentally deprived brain with no fuel, thus you have depression, and possible symptoms of dementia.


E Eventually, they have to eat, so now they have a sugar rush that goes to the brain; again, they get another type of numbness, and they fall asleep. This is why they can't sleep at night. It is a roller coaster ride. Brain fatigue results in depression caused by not eating properly.


“Time to Shine & Radiate”

We all know what a “super nova” is. It is a bursting, radiating star full of energy similar to our solar sun. We also know what a “black hole” in deep space is. It is a collapsing star that pulls everything within its vicinity into itself. One radiates out, and the other pulls in. Depression is like the “black hole” withdrawing into itself; this must be changed. People with depression hope and wish that someone will call or contact them. They do not make an effort to radiate out, or call. They are forgotten because they do not radiate.


We must learn to radiate out by singing, dancing to the radio, going out for a walk, align with the Divine, and look at nature’s wonders; and most importantly, learn to smile and shine again………… Smile! God Loves You.