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“Learn how “Sensitives” and Children of the Light minimize the intensity of Earthquakes in California and other parts of the world.” Learn how to predict earthquakes


I have been witness to all the California earthquakes in the vicinity of Los Angeles since the 6.6 Sylmar Earthquake on February 9, 1971, which occurred at 6:01 in the morning. Since then quakes started to become quite common. In 1999 I had the following “dream vision.” This started our efforts, as sensitives, to diffuse earthquakes.


Dream Vision Received On May 22, 1999     

(Last night I was given a dream vision wherein I could see the faults underlying certain cities. I could see something like white bands that seemed to have been used to mend these faults in a similar way that one would stitch a tear in clothing. Most of the cities seemed to be mended well, but there were two that were bulging and creating stress to the stitch work and unless paid attention to, the stitching will break causing devastation. I was not given the name of the cities, but I instinctively knew that this previous repair work was done by individuals capable of radiating Light, as a healing frequency, and it would have to be brought to their attention again. PLM)


May 23,1999 Dictation Explaining the Dream Vision        

The author, as the chosen messenger, was given a dream as to the conditions of the faults and they are once again building up the stress. (These are California fault lines.)


“Although, we may receive these frequencies, there is no need for fear as you have been blessed with the awareness of what can potentially occur. We say potentially, because the earthquake does not have to occur. If like minds receive this message and become aware of the potential, it only takes a handful of people to radiate the frequency of Love, Peace & Harmony to alleviate the stress in the direction it is occurring. With prayer you need hundreds of people, whereas, those who radiate the Light that comes through them, but not of them, will have a tremendous effect which is manifested by just a handful that radiate Love, Peace & Harmony. We must take responsibility by being active participants in the radiation of Light frequency from our heart center."



In the last dictation we gave the insight of how to detect earthquakes by the frequencies that will be felt on the physical body along with closing the eyes, standing erect, and feel where the frequencies are coming from. In like manner, you can also detect the source of all frequencies impacting you, especially those of loved ones and friends. Spread this message to those that are willing to receive, as we all must become the Beacons of Light, radiating Love, Peace and Harmony in order to heal oneself and the planet. The radiating of these frequencies can divert many disasters.


Divine Law only allows us, as Messengers and Guardians of the planet, to disseminate information in answer to the call of the masses which has been requested in the form of prayer and the cries for help. The two cities that we spoke about in the last Dictation serves as a lesson on how these destructions can be averted. If the earthquakes do occur, which are emanate probabilities; it will show that those who read the Dictation did not follow the message that was requested in the form of prayer. Those who will feel the frequencies by the methods described will know the direction of these two cities and by the radiation of Love, Peace & Harmony, will within days, feel that the frequencies that were detected will eventually subside by this application. The name of these two cities cannot be presently revealed, as humanity must start the repair work. (This is about a dream vision I was given of two cities that are on earthquake fault lines that need attention from those who will send frequencies of Light to repair and heal that area according to last week's Dictation given on May 23, 1999. PLM)


Learn to detect and to feel; truth will be revealed by what you feel and how it is awakened within. This Truth will set you free from the Four Lower Quadrant. (The four lower quadrant of Anger, Hate, Guilt, and Fear corresponds to the basic elements in Physics: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air/Wind. In that order.)


Many read these messages out of curiosity, but we must all start to heal the planet and to transmute all of the elements by the gift that resides in your individual Heart. The planet is going through its change, with or without you, and all of this will be self-evident by what you see that is occurring on the planet on a daily basis. We must all answer the call from within our Hearts.


(This previous information was given in 1999. No earthquakes occurred to those two cities. Many individuals participated and eventually everyone felt the frequencies subside, as was suggested. All became peaceful.)



“What We Have Learned Since”


There seems to be two types of earthquakes. One that starts building up stress to the Earth's upper crust releasing electromagnetic waves that affects all living creatures on the planet. Sensitives are able to detect these frequencies, as anomalies to the physical body.


The other type of earthquake gives no warning, and suddenly takes place. However, a few psychics are able to predict some of these earthquakes. But in general, everyone is taken by surprise. The 7.0 Haiti Earthquake of January 12, 2010 was sudden and falls into this category. The estimated death toll was over 300,000.


US Geological Report: According to official estimates, 316,000 people killed, 300,000 injured, 1.3 million displaced, 97,294 houses destroyed and 188,383 damaged in the Port-au-Prince area and in much of southern Haiti.”


Earthquakes occur most often during the Full Moon & New Moon Cycles. (This is just a few days before or after a Full Moon, or a New Moon.) We are all aware that the gravitational pull of the Moon affects the ocean tides around the planet; in like manner, the Moon’s gravitational pull also affects the upper crust of “points of least resistance” on active fault lines.


“Anomalies as Symptoms to the Physical Body”


·       Vertigo

·       Blurred vision

·       Rapid or irregular heartbeat

·       Tightness in the legs and feet muscles

·       Joint pain usually associated with arthritic disorders.

·       Foggy headed, hard to concentrate, others have migraine headaches.

·       A feeling of suffocation, having to go outside in order to breathe deeply.

·       Solar plexus fluttering. (Often called the butterfly sensation in the stomach area.)

·       A strange feeling with a “desire need” to lie down.

·       Broken restless sleep at night. (Tossing and turning.)

·       Certain individuals will become agitated, angry, and sometimes dangerous. Severe acts of violence occur with “undeveloped mankind.”


Rare Symptoms     

·       Momentary shift into another dimension, which usually comes when you are driving. In a moment of a few seconds everything seems to shift into what seems to be an alternate direction where you can't tell which way is North or South. And just as quick, everything comes back to normal. Some say that it is a momentary shift into the fourth density, which the planet will eventually shift to.

·       In a similar manner, migratory birds & butterflies get disorientated in flight.

·     Some sensitives hear a deep low frequency sound or a groaning low hum. Some may hear a trumpet-like sound.

·       Others may have the sensation of a high pitched “ringing in the ears” until the earthquake manifests.


Flare-up Of Existing Medical Conditions & Chronic Disorders May Occur

In almost all cases, the following will return to “prior normal conditions” after the earthquake manifests and releases the stress at the epicenter of the quake:        

·       Arthritis & Rheumatoid Conditions may flare up in the joints.

·       Gastrointestinal & stomach disorders (Ulcers, Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, etc.) may flare up due to the impact of the electromagnetic frequencies being received in the “solar plexus” area below the rib cage; right above the stomach.

·       Lupus flare ups may occur with inflammation.

·       Other conditions such as ALS, Parkinson’s, COPD, etc., are just few of other conditions that may arise, but after release of the earthquake, the conditions stabilize.

·       Strokes & Heart Attacks have been reported when a Major Earthquake has occurred.

·       Individuals with poor eyesight may experience unusual blurry vision. Again, things come back to prior normal conditions after the earthquake.

·       A Rule To Remember: Check the U.S. Geological Earthquake Survey website listed whenever these conditions may suddenly manifest. You may find a correlation. Awakening sensitives must pay close attention to any different or strange changes to the body. Do not make the mistake of ignoring the signs.


Animal Reactions        

·       Dogs will start howling in a forlorn confused way. They know something is up.

·       Wild animals will act strangely or emit strange sounds. Wolves, coyotes, elk, bears, etc., may also attack humans.

·       Nice domestic animals may suddenly attack their owners or innocent victims. Animals are agitated with the “fight or flight” syndrome. It is important to keep small children away from these animals. Whenever there are animal attacks in the news, check the earthquake website for verification or correlation.

·       Fish in aquariums all point in the direction of the epicenter of the earthquake. It seems that these vibrational frequencies that hit the sides of the fish are very disturbing. So they point in unison, one direction; a great warning system.

·     Whales, dolphins, oarfish, and many other sea creatures will beach themselves.

·       There are reports of domestic cats running away from home prior to the quake.

·       Most wild birds will fly away from the area of the impending earthquake.

·       Burrowing animals, rodents, snakes will come out of their holes prior to a quake.

·       A dead silence will be felt in a wilderness area, where in normal circumstances; it is a noisy active area.


What Brings Relief?

·       What is basically occurring to the physical body is that it is reacting to outside stimuli. This being electromagnetic frequencies being radiated out from the area of stress, which is the crust and upper mantle at the earthquake fault. The closer you are to the fault, the higher the intensity. Amazingly, the anomalies can be felt halfway around the world to some degree, dependent on the sensitivity of the receiver. (Quakes above 6.0 are usually felt by all sensitives.)


The physical body instinctively feels the need to lie down. The reason for this is that when the body is prone on a hard surface it starts to acclimate itself to the frequency of the planet. In the same manner that fish in an aquarium point in one direction, our bodies need to lie down and tune in to the frequency for about 15 to 30 minutes. For most sensitives, this does bring quick relief. (This can be done on a carpeted floor.)


·       The drinking of water and becoming hydrated also helps to some degree. The PH balance of “alkaline and acidity” in most municipal water is 7.0. This also creates balance in the body. Learn to check your body’s PH balance. The other balancing factor of water is to take a shower, which will then balance the “positive and negative ions” impacting a stressful body. This will also bring some relief.


·       Immediately stop what you are doing, and reassess the agitation, your anxiety, and heart palpitations,…. then breathe deeply, force yourself to relax, stay centered and in control. (Prevent possible heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms, etc.)


·       Meditation and prayer, along with aligning oneself to our “I Am” Presence is the next step to take complete control.


Medical Attention    

Most individuals, not understanding that they are becoming sensitive, will seek medical attention, but the doctors will not be able to find the source, or how to alleviate the symptoms other than to prescribe drugs or sedatives that may contribute, or worsen the situation. Most often they will just diagnose these symptoms as chronic disorders with no known cure. But once we understand what is actually occurring, we can then address the problem.




“How Sensitives & Children of the Light Can Help”


Once we start feeling the anomalies and become aware of the electromagnetic frequencies, by the method given, we now try to feel the direction the frequencies are coming from in the following manner:

·       Raise your consciousness up above the “four lower quadrant” of the solar plexus area, as we now enter into the heart center with a relaxed feeling of Love, Peace, and Harmony in our Heart.

·       Stand erect facing North, and from the heart, feel the frequencies which will manifest in the solar plexus area; just below the rib cage, but above the stomach. This area is called the “lower animal mind” where the “fight or flight syndrome” manifests in animals and human beings. Danger is detected here.

·       Now you turn to the right and face East and feel the frequencies.

·       You turn to the right again, and now face South, and feel the frequencies.

·       Turn to the right again, and now face West and feel the frequencies.

·       Keep doing this until you feel the subtle frequencies, and the direction of the emanating frequencies of the impending earthquake.


The Direction of the Pending Earthquake is Established.     

Once the area of the epicenter is detected, we now start feeling the frequencies and see if they continue to escalate or diminish. After a little practice and attention, you will see how easy it is to feel these fluctuating frequencies.


Presently, most of humanity has already acclimated and become accustomed to earthquakes up to the 5.0 range. But once they start to enter into the 6.0+ range, all living creatures start to be affected. Of course, most of humanity cannot understand why they are feeling strange, or so uncomfortable with all these anomalies. Once the earthquake manifests someplace on the planet, relief comes to everyone, and they forget about it until the next time. But if the frequencies last four weeks or longer, doctor office visits escalate, and the medical professionals are now at loss as to what is happening, unless someone brings it to their attention.


Check the US Geological Survey: 


Newcomers that are somewhat skeptical, but are feeling the anomalies, can verify & correlate with up to date current earthquake activity with the US Geological Survey.


Follow these quick instructions when you arrive at the USGS Website:

·       Web Page opens with a (Recent) Earthquake List and a Map.

·       At the top right hand corner you will see three “icons” followed by a question mark. Click on the third “icon” that looks like a gear. “My Settings” opens.

·       At Earthquakes > √ Auto Update

·       At Earthquakes > 7 Days, Magnitude 4.5+ Worldwide

·       At List Format > Magnitude

·       At List Sort Order > Newest First   &  √ Only List Earthquakes Shown on Map

·       At Map Layers > Terrain   &  √ Plate Boundaries

·       Time Zone > UTC  (Book Mark to save you settings for future return.)


“Radiating Light Energy to The Source Of Anomalies”


It does not matter if you are an Atheist, Scientist, or a Spiritual Person, energy is energy. It also doesn't matter if some people choose to call it Atheist/Mental Energy, Spiritual/Emotional Energy, or Scientific/Physical Energy; energy is the frequency of Light. As long as it gets the job done, what difference does it make, as to the procedure or technique being used. The devastating earthquake will manifest regardless of your personal belief system, unless we all take steps to avoid it.


We all know the speed of light, which is basically instantaneous.

Through the inspirations received, it states that we can radiate light to any given area in no less than 10 seconds, but no more than 3 minutes, in the following manner:

·       Once the direction is established, and we feel the frequencies in the solar plexus area, we now take the next step.

·       From the solar plexus area, raise the frequency to the heart center, feel the frequency of Love, Peace and Harmony and acknowledge that you are working with Light, as an Energy Force.

·       Raise the frequency once again above the head, to this area that is referred to as the “I Am” Presence. This is a vibrating energy resonating above the head, which is often depicted as a dove in paintings of Master Teachers.

·       Once again, we raise the frequency above this area up to the Divine Source of Light, and we now bring in this Light Energy. It can be radiated out from our heart center, or through the palms of our outstretched hands, or from the area of the forehead, out to the epicenter of the pending earthquake. You can take a deep breath as you pull in the energy, and in the out breath, radiate the frequency out. Whatever method is used, it will feel natural to you.


·       The following simple words of “intent” are used:


“I radiate the Light of Love, Peace, and Harmony to the epicenter of the pending earthquake. Peace be still…… Peace be still…… Peace be still. Love, Peace, and Harmony prevails!......  It is done!”


(You now feel the flow of energy passing through you to the given area. It usually only lasts a few seconds in accordance with the speed of Light.)


·       It does not matter if you are not sure of the area or the direction where the epicenter may be. Your “Intent” along with “Divine Intelligence” will direct the “light energy” to the source of the anomalies.


·       The Divine Light will flow through you, but not of you. You must not use your personal energy! You now close with the following affirmation:


“Let this be, not my will, but thy will be done, according to Divine Law and Order, with harmlessness to all. It is done.”


·       This is fast, quick, and easy. In less than 20 seconds, one can radiate the Light of Love, Peace, and Harmony, not only to pending earthquakes, but also to areas of “dark intent,” or where humanity, or loved ones may be in danger. Sensitives radiate out constantly in spurts of a few seconds while watching the news, real time, or with friends and loved ones. As they get more experienced at it, they maintain the teaching of the “Secret” becoming the “Beacons of Light.”


“The Violet Light Children – The Beacons of Light”


There are seven colors of the rainbow, and as the awakening Children of the Light, each resonates within their given color or colors. (The colors of the rainbow start with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and at the top of the octave is the color Violet. In that order.) Presently, the Indigo Children are receiving great attention. But above the indigo color are the more advanced Violet Children. These are the “beacons of light” that from the comfort of their own home, they radiate light to areas in need, in a matter of a few seconds.


Those who are awake to their given frequency of the Violet Color, also have the gift of transmutation. (Transmutation is the ability to change things from one form to another, in the same manner that the Master changed water into wine, or calmed the sea.) In the beginning they start with cleansing & transmuting darkness into light, and the ability to access the “inner reality” and change the matrix of a given form. The following is a Dictation, which was given, along with the Violet Light Prayer of Transmutation.


Posted May 13, 2007


Transmutation Technique "Changing the Matrix"

The Messengers of the Light have given the "Violet Light Prayer Affirmation" on the left panel of the website for this purpose. ( If we want to help humanity, we must first transmute the darkness at its core, and by bringing in the Light of the Divine Christ Principle, we can change the matrix as we "Sense See & Feel."   (Transmutation is changing one form into another. In this case we will transmute dark matter, with the violet frequency, back into the Light of the Divine Source of Light in the following example.)

Sense, See, and Feel

1. Eliminate the four lower quadrant of anger, hate, guilt and fear from your mental, emotional, and physical threefold persona, and from the Heart Center recite the Violet Light Prayer affirmation.


2. With the frequency of Love, Peace & Harmony in your Heart, you now "Sense" the matrix of the disaster or event that is occurring. "Sense" the "dark matter" behind it.


3. You now "See" it diminishing or fading away by the Violet Frequency radiating from your heart. You must completely visualize this within the "matrix." You must "See it” as being done within your "mind’s eye."


4. The next step is you "Feel" the healing and transmutation taking place in the "matrix."  And now you see it as being done, within the "matrix," and you await the results. If everyone will do this at 12:00 noon, at 6:00 p.m., and at 9:00 p.m. at night regardless of your time zone, results will occur, especially by the awakening Children of the Light. You can do this in less time than a TV commercial even if you are not a Child of the Light.  It will take approximately 45 seconds to recite the Violet Light (Prayer), and approximately 45 seconds to "Sense See & Feel," and it is done. That is it! But, how can that be, we may ask? (Aah! Yes!),,,, We all know the "speed of light" and Science, right?

This is the adventure of awakening to all the simple gifts that are within us.





“I Am” the Violet Light that Shines!   Shines!   Shines!

Transmuting the darkness, with the Light, of the Divine!


“I Am” the Violet Light that Shines!   Shines!   Shines!

Transmuting the darkness, with the Light, of the Divine!


“I Am” the Violet Light that Shines!   Shines!   Shines!

Transmuting the darkness, with the Light, of the Divine!


Peace be still!   Peace be still!   Peace be still!

Love, Peace & Harmony Prevails!


The Sacred Heart of the Divine is within me!

Radiating the frequency of DIVINE, LOVE, WISDOM,  So that all may see!



That,  “I Am”   “I Am”  





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