“Heal Your Body”

(Louise L. Hay)


Many of you are familiar with “encounters & situations” that occur in my life. In the middle 70’s I was driving down Western Avenue just before Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. To my right there was a house that was probably built in the 40’s that attracted my attention. I noticed that it was being used as a bookstore. Sensitives are aware of “energy and light” that pulls one to certain places.


I was being attracted to a small light that I did not understand, but I knew that it was somewhere in this open house. Then right in front of me, I felt the source of this light. It was a little blue booklet entitled, "Heal Your Body" by Louise L. Hay. I picked it up and I bought it and went on my way.


I still have the original copy and I know that it is a collector’s item that will never leave my hands. This little booklet is precious to me, because it contains the original light that attracted me to it in the first place. Even though it is falling apart with age, the “energy and light” still prevails. It was self-published by the author, and at that early time, others who wanted a copy were not able to find one. When my neighbors and friends learned about the booklet that I now possessed, every time someone got sick or had an ailment, guess who they would come to see? Not me specifically; but rather, they came to read the booklet and what it holistically stated for their needs.


There are three approaches to medicine: Natural Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and Scientific Medicine. This is a Holistic Book that explains the “mental causes for physical illness and the metaphysical way to overcome them.”  It explains that the “Point of Power,” in the “Present Moment,” gives understanding to “positive & negative” thinking.


As most Children of the Light, she endured a very troublesome life before reaching her present level of success. A true pioneer in her work! Her books have sold over 40 million copies, and still selling. A movie was made about her, and she went on to create Hayhouse Publishing representing over 100 successful authors. This book will change your life.


You must buy this book!

Peter L. Martinez


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