“Nena” America, Why Not Me?

(Author Elena Acevedo)


This is another amazing book that has come to me in a strange manner: however, the reader may see it as a normal experience. As in all my encounters and situations, there is always a “spark of light” to these matters that are familiar to all sensitives. There is something in the message that shines.


Earlier this year in 2015, I received a call with a message that I had to read a book entitled, “Nena” America, Why not me? In my line of work I receive many calls and messages, but this one stood out with that same “spark of light” that I have come to know so well. I inquired on the Internet and found the book, but I thought to myself, I do not have the time! But I kept on reading the reviews, and was moved. All were 5 Stars, and rightly so!……. I ordered it!


One evening, very late at night, I was having trouble falling asleep. So I thought to myself that I would glance at the book. I was amazed with this form of writing in that the chapters are very short, but very precise. In a few moments, tears started to roll down my face in recognition of a “Child of the Light.” The energy was there! I couldn’t put the book down. As a sensitive, I could feel the mental, emotional and physical enduring of this poor young child that was unfolding before me. I finally put the book down and went to sleep.


In the morning I was tempted to read more, but with discipline, I decided to not read more than three chapters a sitting, which would fit in my schedule. (What I like about this book is that the chapters are usually not more than three pages each, and right to the point for quick reading.) This became a pattern where I could hardly wait to read before bedtime. The Light that flows through these pages is amazing. Warning to sensitives, the Light that flows will bring you to tears, as “Nena’s Christ Spirit” helps her to overcome and not give up no matter the circumstances. Her faith in God is Supreme! She is the Jonathan Livingston Seagull that shines through every Child of the Light!


This not a sad story, but rather, an enlightening story where you know that she will eventually prevail. This book has to be made into a movie! Women will one day reach complete equality in all parts of the world, and this book demonstrates that need. Her search and dream for a better life, and what she went through will help those who take America for granted. She was able to see the Light that most Americans no longer see in this country. Yes! America is the Light of the World!


“Nena” America, Why Not Me? Will awaken those who no longer see this Light!


You must read this book!

Peter L. Martinez



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