“The Phenomenon Explained By Mental, Emotional, And Scientific Principles”


At a very young age I became aware of these dark manifestations that would be looking or staring at me from a distance. Of course, if a child were to tell their parents about this, they would immediately say that it is just your imagination. But how can you prove to an adult that these dark manifestations of shadow people and shadow things exist in this reality, and also, in the mind of a young child. Nevertheless, growing up as a "sensitive," I had been intrigued by these shadow people that seemed to be invading my space.


Since no one could see or feel these things, to my knowledge, I kept this and many other things to myself. Although I was not aware of the makeup of what constitutes a “sensitive,I soon realized that there were many things that were open to my awareness, but were closed to basically everyone around me. Every once in a while, I would meet someone that would recognize the gift of “sensitivitythat I possessed, and gently, would guide me with whatever I needed to learn in that moment of awareness.


To my personal knowledge, it seems that the term shadow people opened up to the general public in the late 1990's. Being a sensitive and receiving inspiration and messages, from my personal opinion, shadow people and shadow things opened up with greater awareness to the general public in 1998. This also coincides with the Mayan prophecies and predictions. From this point on, basically any radio show that I would tune in to that deals with the paranormal, someone would bring up the subject of Shadow People that was now being manifest to the general public.


The basic descriptions started with the awareness of seeing something at the corner of our vision. Although we were sure and positive that we saw something dark and shadowy, to our amazement, no one is there. Another anomaly that precedes this phenomenon is a feeling that comes over us that something or someone is watching us. Sometimes we feel Goosebumps, a change of frequency, or a very low humming sound that is almost inaudible. And again, when we become aware of this shadow person or shadow thing at the corner of our vision, and with the expectation of seeing someone there, we are shocked and surprised to see that no one is there. This can be very disturbing once it starts occurring in a frequent manner.


I did not understand the term “sensitive” or that I was one until later in life. Sensitives are not psychics, although they may have many psychic experiences that are extraordinary. But the one factor that sets them apart from a psychic is that they cannot generate a psychic experience at will. Basically a “sensitive” has the ability that certain animals have, and that is a heightened “sense frequency” at certain times, which allows them to sense, see & feel beyond the five senses of regular human beings. They seem to work within the Laws of Physics, utilizing the science of Quantum Physics, and the new science we are now entering into, which is “higher light physics.” All natural sciences that will now explain the unexplained world of miracles, indigo children, psychic phenomena, the children of the light, earth changes, and most importantly, Shadow People & Shadow Things.


Although I have been aware of this so-called “Shadow People & Shadow Thing” phenomenon for over 50 years, it was quite surprising to me to finally hear that the general public was finally experiencing what has troubled me since childhood. Several years ago I started to study and become more aware of Shadow People & Shadow Things by going back to all manifestations that I experienced as a child in order to help humanity understand this phenomenon. As previously mentioned, the science of quantum Physics has been, and will continue to be, a great tool in understanding the realms of psychic phenomena, the other side, and the unexplained.


The term “shadow peoplegives the connotation that it is a humanlike form or an entity. It is important to understand that there are also many shadow things that are not shadow people, per se, and along with this, there are other dark forms that are not shadow people or shadow things and should not be confused as such. Keep in mind that with these shadow manifestations you cannot see features, you cannot see the face, or bodily description, other than a dark black manifestation in the form of a shadow, thus the term, shadow people or shadow thing.


Most of humanity is seeing shadow things that are not humanlike forms. The most common is when we are driving and rodent like creatures run across the road in front of our car, but it happens so fast, we cannot get a good look at them. There are many who also see insect-type crawling and flying creatures, and added to this, others see a mist, a fog, or a shadowy cloud that suddenly overwhelms their environment. Many are also experiencing that something or someone is trying to kill them. When questioned, they cannot pinpoint who it is or what it is, but they have this “paranoid sensation” that something or someone is trying to kill them, which can be very disturbing. All these things can be explained in a natural scientific manner, and the fear associated with these anomalies may diminish and fade away and once we understand how and why this phenomenon exists and how it works. Fear is the main factor that one must override and transcend within certain principles within “quantum physics,” and utilizing “higher light physics,” which is the science of working with Light.


The phenomenon that brings about the most fear is when we are confronted by a shadow person that wears a distinctive black hat, and rightly so. But, why does this entity appear, usually at a distance with no distinctive features? This shadow person is always dressed in black with a long coat or long cape with a distinctive black hat. Rarely, does this entity verbalize or speak to the person who witnesses this phenomenon, which is very real. From my experience, the entity never disappears or fades away, as with an apparition, but rather, walks away into the shadows. When up close, the victim usually goes into a state of fear followed by paralysis and then may lose consciousness. All of this can be explained, and the fearful frequency can be transcended.


When I was writing the book, “A Step Into The Light” (The Awakening Guide For The Children Of The Light) the inspired information that I was receiving stated that the planet is going through the end of the “grand cycle.” Not the end of the world, but for many it can be. That all "black matter" created by individuals and humanity would now be released and seen during the earth changes and rising frequency of the planet. That the planet goes through these cycles of restoration every so many thousands of years, all within smaller cycles of learning for the benefit of a humanity. In my personal opinion and experience, Shadow People & Shadow Things consists of Mental & Emotional energy, and with scientific principles can be explained and transcended within the laws of “higher light physics” and “quantum physics.” 


The Ancient Mayans predicted that in 1998 the world changes would begin. Since then we have entered a heightened frequency with “El Nino” weather patterns, followed by global warming, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and the melting of the ice caps. Since that year, Shadow People & Shadow Things have become commonplace with thousands upon thousands of people who have experienced some sort of Shadow People or Shadow Thing phenomenon.


Are you one of these individuals who are experiencing this anomaly?




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